KINETIKA 2014 - It's back!

The Taranaki Arts Festival Trust has announced that Taranaki will be hosting Kinetika again in 2014 – a competition and showcase that fuses kinetic art, design, and engineering


Welcome to ITL

Delivering exceptional industrial process plant design-and-build services.
Effective communication with our clients, a passion for perfection, and a flexible, integrated in-house structure mean ITL consistently delivers results that meet client specifications; from large scale industrial process plants and piping systems, down to individual gas processing equipment supply.
Our engineers don’t just design from inside an office – they meet with their clients and projects onsite, guaranteeing designs and processes that are both operable and maintainable.
Successful ITL projects can be found globally, from FPSOs off the coast of West Africa, to packaged gas processing equipment in the Australian outback, to complete production stations designed and built in New Zealand and luxury yachts on the high seas of the world.
The ITL Marine Division also builds customised solutions for luxury ocean craft, creating specialised features that deliver style with functionality.
Our engineers are encouraged to think outside the square, to create dynamic industrial process solutions; while also driving improvement in the future.
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